Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to avoid Bhagandar (Piles) by Ayurveda

In Bhagandar there is an inflammation in the anus (rectum) which has a common family name as Piles.This is a very irritating and painful experience for the patient as it aggravates during the passing of the stools while also sitting on your bottoms can create enough pain and uneasiness. Release of pus (a whitish yellow liquid) makes it more difficult to manage its daily lifestyle  by the patient.

It is also known as Fistula-in-ano and is a notorious disease to tackle and cure even thru a well conducted surgery as recurrence is a common phenomenon. There is a method by which a medicated thread is pushed inside the rectum which helps heal the inflammations gradually and can be delivered through a practitioner hand.

Normally you should intake regularly Trifla at the bedtime with one glass butter milk to have a better intestinal release.The food habits should be more intake of fibrous food and avoid putting pressure in case of constipation - take practitioners help to clear constipation.

However if the Bhagandar has inflicted a patient then in my experience it was felt that there are medicines which help resolve such inflammations if handled early in the stages

When Pus arrives in the inflammation

Pus is a whitish yellow release generated at the fistula and this must be avoided by recognizing early the formation of the bump. Consult a practitioner.In my experience "Navkartik Guggul" is very useful in such a situation. Take 1 tablet with butter milk - twice a day - one in morning and one in evening. You need to wash the inflammation with "Trifla Kwath" and put "Jatyadi Tail" on the same - you need to keep as airy as possible - wear loose clothes.

When Pus has not arrived yet

In such a situation start immediately with "Ravitandav Ras - 1 Masha"; "Ras Manikya - 1 Ratti"; "Ras Sindoor - 1 Ratti" all of them to eaten together with Honey. This helps to avoid  ripening of the inflammation. Those who cannot afford these medicines can also eat "Chandra Prabha Vati" with "Kanchnaar Guggul".

My experience is that Bhagandar is best being avoided with a healthy lifestyle, eating lots of fibrous food and curd, early rising and get at least 7 hours of sleep and proactiveness in keeping your bottoms clean and hygienic. If not then above medicines may help you contain the situation


  1. I used

    ChandraPrabha Vati 1-1 (morning-evening)
    Kanchnar Guggul 2-2 (morning-evening)
    triphala (with milk) 1-1 (morning-evening)

    I get immediately benefits in Bhagandar........

    thanks you

    Grand fathr

  2. Please anybody can tell me effective medicine(same as for Bhagandar) for Bavasir(Bhooni Massa).

    I am looking forward for your reply.....

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    Can you please suggest me on my mail id about the medicine on the fistula (Bhagendar).

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  5. Great post, thank you very much for sharing the information that Kanchnar Guggul can also be used with Chandra Prabha Vati for the treatment of piles.