Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to recover from Rajyakshma (Tuberculosis)

Rajyakshma is considered as king of all diseases as it emancipate the strength inside the patients thus inviting other diseases along with it. Gradually it becomes a collection of various diseases making it further complicated to manage the medication and recovery. Thus it being termed as Rajya (Kingdom) Kshma (Decay) - which means a frailing condition of huge magnitude.

Its symptoms include poor apetite, light fever, cough and ever increasing loss of weight and sometimes blood comes in the spits. In such a case all the seven dhatus are converted primarily into Mal (stool) and passed away rather than being partly converted to Ojas (Albumin) which is considered as carrier of Pran (life sustaining liquid in human blood).

The following medicines help in containment of the Rajyakshma

1. Take Draksharishta every day twise after meals to help build strength in the lungs
2. Twise in morning and evening take Shatavardi Churna with milk.
3. Take Sitopladi Churna together with Honey and Ghee mixed in proportionate volumes.
4. To help improve the liver functioning - take piplasav twise a day after meals and take suvarna parpati twise a day - morning and evening with milk.
5. It is said that Chavanprash regular intake not only prevents this disease but can also help build the immunity to fight it. This should be taken twice a day - morning and evening with milk.
6. Savarna Basant Malti ras is best used for the decay recovering - this should be taken 1 Rati per day

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