Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to avoid Cancerous Situations in the Body

Ayurveda consider stress and undue mental tension as key orginator of cancerous situations in the human body. Such situations can occur inside the body or on the surface of the body. The internal situations are generally accepted as cancer whereas external are not publically known as cancer despite it also being very similar in its constitution and origination. It becomes more pertinent in todays world where stress is fast becoming a side lane of life.

In Ayurveda it is stated that "While Chita (Pyre) burns the dead the Chinta (Stress) burns the living". In Sushrutsamhita it is stated that any serious situation can only be handled by eating any relevant "Rasayana" while supported by prayer to God (which destresses the individual and thus supports the functioning of the Rasayana). It is generally seen that Rasayana like Shilajit helps very effectively. Other medicines like Chandraprabha and Vrihat Vat Chintamani ras are also very effective in this. Rasayna generally means any medicine which helps curatively on the minute scale in the body like working on the cell level.

I have observed that "Cancer" can pass to younger generation genetically also. Some of the cases have a parallel disease possible like Syphilis, Diabeties as cancerous situations may arise simultaneous to them. In such a case the parallel disease should be looked at and not just the medicine for the cancers. I have seen that having "Chandanasav" OR "Sarivadyasav" helps in these diseases. If the solid medicine can be taken - then take "Sariva Churna" OR "Chandanadi Churna"

For the patients who carry a fat body - must take "Arogyavardhina Vati" OR "Mahamajishtyada Risht" in addition to above as it helps generate a better metabolism and in turn helps the body fighting against the disease like cancer. In specific case of having a cancer in uterus - the patient may have uterus removed and above medicines taken thereafter.

However as I said above the stress busting is the main way to assuage the chances of cancer and if having infected - then to mellow down the growth of the cancer further. Stress busting includes proper hygienic lifestyle and food habits which are soft on the body's metabolism.

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